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Opening the door to major markets.

Opening the door to major markets

In today’s globalized world, Spanish is key to business development. It’s an official language of more than 20 countries around the world and one of the five most widely spoken languages on the planet. Laurent Chevrette Translations has local expertise in all variants of Spanish, whether you want to reach people in Spain or Costa Rica. Our Quebec-based team works with our partner linguists to capture the nuances of each region and provide translations that are perfectly tailored to your needs.

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"Laurent is a true professional. (…) He was very responsive and quick to confirm everything, gave frequent status updates, and went above and beyond to help us meet our rush deadlines. I am happy to give Laurent my wholehearted endorsement!”

A. Browne, Mother Tongue

"We are very happy with Laurent and his team. He is one of our best providers and a great professional: high quality, punctual, trustworthy. We recommend him without hesitation."

Christian Feldermann, McFelder Translations

"Laurent is an absolute joy to work with—he is responsive, thorough, and very detail oriented. I look forward to continuing our working relationship.”

Maggie Renfro, GM Voices

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Laurent Chevrette


Founder of two Canadian translation firms successfully established in South America and Europe, he is a passionate entrepreneur. Years before it became a buzz in the language industry, he prioritized the practical integration of artificial intelligence into daily processes.

Quick deliveries and the highest quality are top priorities for Laurent and his team. TLC offers a turnkey solution, with customized terminology databases, unique style guides, individual translation memories for each customer.

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With more than a billion and a half people who speak it as a native language, a second language or a foreign language, English is the most spoken language in the world. Mandarin comes in second with just over a billion speakers, followed by Spanish.