The act of translating and modifying a text so that it is adapted to a given audience, culture or context.

Translation agency/cabinet

Company that possess human, material and technological resources to manage a multilingual project from A to Z, according to the desired deadlines and with the expected quality.

Automated translation

The automated translation of a text or speech from one language to another using a computer system.

Computer-assisted translation

Translation of texts from one language to another by a human being, using a computer system (software). Not to be confused with machine translation.


Field of activity, speciality.

Freelance translator (freelancer)

Self-employed translator paid by task.


Professional who translates orally, and often simultaneously, into one language what has been said in another..

Language level

A mode of expression adapted to a particular communication situation or context and which determines, in particular, the choice of vocabulary and the complexity of syntax.

Language Officer

Professional whose profession deals with language and linguistic activities such as translation, writing and revision, and who ensures the quality of the texts submitted.


A specialist of languages whose work helps to understand the rules and use of language.

Linguistic resources

Useful tools for writing, translating and learning languages, such as lexicons, concordancers, dictionaries, writing guides, etc.

Local peculiarities

All the linguistic, cultural and geographical characteristics of a target market.


Linguistic adaptation of content (software, video game, website, etc.) to a given region or culture.

Neural automated translation

Use of artificial neural networks to automatically translate texts from one language to another without human intervention.


Transformation, revision and correction of a translated text automatically (by a machine).

Project Manager

Responsible for the coordination and supervision of translation projects.


Correction of a text in order to improve it.

Source language

Language of a text to be translated.

Target language

The target language of a text that has been translated.


A language professional who specializes in creating and searching for domain-specific terms.


Sub-branch of linguistics that studies the terms (technical designations and vocabulary) used to denominate concepts and objects in a particular field.

Terminology database

Database containing approved terminology specific to a field or corporate culture.

Translation memory

Database containing text segments (sentences, expressions) in one language, as well as their equivalent in another language. These segments are saved and can be reused later for consistency from one document to another.


Professional who translates texts from one language to another while respecting the meaning and style of the message.

Laurent Chevrette


Founder of two Canadian translation firms successfully established in South America and Europe, he is a passionate entrepreneur. Years before it became a buzz in the language industry, he prioritized the practical integration of artificial intelligence into daily processes.

He leads the development of a novel e-commerce solution, which combines these new technologies in an easily accessible language solution. He can also be found skiing or diving.