Do you offer your products and services in a single country or language region? Find out how you can benefit from multilingual translation of your website and business documents.

Impact on SEO

The battle to appear in search engine results is well known to most businesses in the 21st century. Organic SEO offers results that are generally slow, so why not get there faster? Increase your online presence by translating your website into multiple languages. Moreover, if you have the budget to do so, why not offer a multi-regional website (for example, in French for Canada and also for France)? Here are some guidelines from Google to do it well.

French or English?

In Quebec, it is obvious that the use of French is appropriate, but is it sufficient? Other companies believe that English is enough, but is it?

The 2016 census reveals that only 18% of Canadians speak both languages, and that about 4 million of them speak only French. In Quebec, only 2 out of 5 people are bilingual in these two languages. Moreover, nearly one million Canadians do not understand either English or French.

A unilingual French site excludes 24 million potential customers in Canada alone, not to mention the heavy losses in the United States and elsewhere. Similarly, a unilingual English Web site could prevent you from targeting half of Quebec’s population, as well as a large number of potential foreign clients who only speak French.

It goes without saying that translating your website into several other languages will increase your visibility abroad.

Return on investment (ROI)

A customer who visits your website is looking for accurate information and wants it as quickly as possible. In the absence of a compatible language option, they will most likely continue their research elsewhere. A website offered in a language they know is the first step in developing a relationship of trust with your customer.

In conclusion, offering your products and services in new languages clearly opens new markets for you. It is important to deal with an experienced language partner who offers creative marketing translations that accurately reflect your values and brand identity.

Laurent Chevrette


Founder of two Canadian translation firms successfully established in South America and Europe, he is a passionate entrepreneur. Years before it became a buzz in the language industry, he prioritized the practical integration of artificial intelligence into daily processes.

He leads the development of a novel e-commerce solution, which combines these new technologies in an easily accessible language solution. He can also be found skiing or diving.